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2004 Mini-grants and Coastal WEB announcement

$110,500 Awarded in Buzzards Bay Mini-grants.

Ceremony held at Hens Cove, Bourne on Buzzards Bay

This summer, the Buzzards Bay NEP made available some of its federal funds to assist eligible Buzzards Bay watershed municipalities in the protection of open space, rare and endangered species habitat, and freshwater and saltwater wetlands; to help restore tidally restricted salt marshes; to purchase oil spill containment equipment; to restore fish runs; and to remediate stormwater discharges threatening water quality.

On October 5, 2004 the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs held a ceremony on Buzzards Bay to celebrate both the Buzzards Bay NEP's mini-grants and Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management's Coastal Pollution Remediation Program grant awards, and to announce EEA's new Coastal WEB initiative. The Coastal WEB initiative is EEA's vision for healthy estuaries throughout the Commonwealth, to help ensure productive marine and wetland ecosystems and fishable, swimmable bays and beaches. The goal of the initiative is to restore, preserve and protect Massachusetts' Wetlands, Estuaries and Beaches.

State Officials hand out Buzzards Bay 2004 Mini-grants

October 5, 2004, Hen Cove (Bourne) along the shores of Buzzards Bay: State officials hand out Buzzards Bay Mini-grants, MCZM CPR grants, and announce EEA's coastal WEB initiative. Background, left to right: Deerin Babb-Brott, Deputy Director of Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, James Stergios, Undersecretary of EEA, State Representative Susan Williams-Gifford, and Senator Therese Murray. Foreground, left to right: Acting Westport Administrator Charlene Wood and Selectperson Liz Collins accept certificate for a $10,000 Buzzards Bay minigrant for the repair of a culvert to Cockeast Pond to improve the annual migration of herring into the pond.

In September, the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, a planning and technical assistance unit of Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, awarded $110,500 of its federal funds, to assist interested Buzzards Bay watershed municipalities to address various environmental issues including protecting freshwater wetlands, restoring herring runs, and treating stormwater to protect shellfish bed habitat. Municipalities receiving grants include the Towns of Fairhaven, Mattapoisett, Marion, Plymouth, Rochester, and Westport. The Projects were as follows:

State Rep. Susan Williams Gifford and Dr. Joe Costa

State Rep. Susan Williams-Gifford
and BBP Director Dr. Joe Costa pose for a photo after the event. The Buzzards Bay NEP was pleased to see how the towns in the watershed were able to use limited federal dollars to leverage local and state commitments and funds to initiate these very worthwhile projects.

Behind the Scenes of the ceremony on Buzzards Bay
EEA's Coastal WEB Initiative