Year: 2018

Waterborne commerce statistics posted.

Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal are part of the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, an important shipping route for maritime commerce. Millions of tons of cargo pass through Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal annually, and hundreds of thousands of tons of goods leave or arrive in New Bedford as well. Our new waterborne commerce statistics page summarizes tonnage of various commodities shipped in and out of Buzzards Bay, and some of the commodities may surprise you.  We also provide helpful links where you can find more information.

Interactive map of Buzzards Bay NEP grants posted

Over the years, the Buzzards Bay NEP has awarded millions of dollars in grants to Buzzards Bay municipalities, non-profits, and research organizations. We posted online an interactive map of all grants awarded since 2006.  Go to our interactive map of grants awarded page to learn more about these projects. If you click on one of the map symbols, information will pop up about the grant, with links to additional information.

Have you checked to see if you are in the flood zone?

Did you know we have an interactive map on our climate page that shows the FEMA 100-yr floodplain (flood insurance rate map) and hurricane surge zones for the towns around Buzzards Bay?  We also show the floodplain with 0, 1, 2 and 4 feet or potential sea level rise on our floodplain expansion map. Just zoom into any spot along Buzzards Bay that interests you and click on a shaded area to see the published flood elevation.