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CCMP Acknowledgments

Final 8/91

CCMP Acknowledgements

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Volume I of the Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) is the work of many dedicated people. The Buzzards Bay NEP staff was instrumental in preparing this document. At the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (MCZM) those who participated were Joseph Costa (Project Manager), Mara Altman, David Janik, Neil MacGaffey, Claudia Shambaugh, Tracy Warncke, and Judith Pederson. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) participants were Carol Kilbride, Bruce Rosinoff, and Gwen Ruta. Bruce Rosinoff deserves special recognition for preparing initial drafts of most of the action plans and chapters and for incorporating new or revised material into subsequent drafts. The CCMP Editorial Board also wrote parts of the CCMP and revised the document to incorporate comments by reviewers. Members were Joseph Costa, Gwen Ruta, Carol Kilbride, Bruce Rosinoff, and Judith Pederson. Joseph Costa was managing editor and oversaw the revision and production of the CCMP. The technical editor was Victoria Gibson. Special thanks to Tracy Warncke, who typed most of this and other drafts and exhibited grace and professionalism under pressure.

Most of the CCMP was reviewed by members of the Buzzards Bay Management Committee and its various subcommittees. All past and present Buzzards Bay committee members are listed on the following pages. The chairpersons of these committees played important roles.

Many others provided invaluable assistance in developing and writing the CCMP. These include Jeff Benoit, Steve Bliven, Sue Moor, Jan Smith, MCZM; Eric Hall, Ray Hall, Ron Manfredonia, Bob Morehouse, EPA; Bill Hubbard, Army Corps of Engineers; George Heufelder, Barnstable County Health and Environmental <%-1>Department; Tom Barlow, Town of Bourne; Mark Robinson, the Compact of Cape Cod Conservation Trusts, Inc.; Larry Gil, Steve Halterman, Department of Environmental Protection; Charlie Swain, Town of Falmouth; Stan Humphries, IEP; Tom Bigford, National Marine Fisheries Service; Bill Napolitano, Steve Smith, Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District; and Graham Giese, and Bruce Tripp, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution. Horsley Witten Hegemann, Inc. merits a special acknowledgement for its major contribution to Chapter 7, Land-Use Management, and for helping implement the Project's nitrogen management strategy in Buttermilk Bay.

The Buzzards Bay NEP has a long history involving many people. The original coordinators, Wendy Wiltse, formerly of EPA Region I, and Bruce Tripp, formerly of the Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs, together with Rich Delaney and Steve Bliven of MCZM, Dave Fierra of EPA, Judith McDowell-Capuzzo of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, and Ted Pratt of the Town of Marion, were instrumental in establishing the direction of the Project. Ted Pratt was also the inspiration behind many local strategies contained in the CCMP and he made the Buzzards Bay Action Committee into an effective political force. Special thanks are due to Alan Hankin and Barbara Sego of the Katharine Nordell Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies for producing the Buzzards Bay NEP Newsletter and organizing and administering many Project workshops, meetings, and press events. Thanks also to Sue Beede, EPA, and Tom Fantozzi, formerly of MCZM, who reached out to the public and municipalities in the Project's early days, and especially to Mimi McConnell who turned the Buzzards Bay Coalition into a strong citizens advocacy group in support of the CCMP. The Town of Marion graciously provides office space to the Project. Finally, thanks to all scientists, planners, town, state and federal officials, and interested citizens who have made the Project a success.