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CCMP Action Plan Introduction

Final 8/91

Chapter 5: Action Plan Introduction

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The action plans contained in this chapter form the centerpiece of the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan along with the chapters on New Bedford and Land-Use Management. Successful implementation of these plans should lead to protection of the water quality and natural resources of Buzzards Bay.

Action plans are divided into seven sections: Problem, Background, Major Issues, Goals, Objectives, CCMP Commitments and Other Recommended CCMP Actions. The first three categories provide the reader with the necessary background for a full understanding of the subject matter and set the stage for the action items. Goals are broad, long-term aims that indicate the desired condition for Buzzards Bay. Objectives are more specific, shorter-term targets for attaining goals. CCMP commitments are actions that have been agreed to by federal, state, and regional agencies as well as municipalities based upon recommendations contained in the May 1990 Draft CCMP. Other Recommended CCMP Actions are suggested items that have not yet been agreed upon.

The costs required for implementing several of the Action Plans, together with the possible funding sources and most realistic financing options are included in Volume II of the CCMP, Financial Plan. Implementation costs are also included in this chapter. Recommendations for monitoring to document the need for, or success of, management actions are included in Volume III of the CCMP.