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BBNEP Stormwater Design Engineering Service contract awards

Last update: January 15, 2014

In partnership with the municipalities in the Buzzards Bay watershed, and as part of our municipal grant program, the Buzzards Bay NEP periodically seeks engineering services to assist the towns develop stormwater treatment designs to reduce stormwater volumes and pollutants contributing to water quality impairments in Buzzards Bay and its surrounding watershed.

Whenever we seek such services, we post a Request for Responses (RFR) on the CommPass website. We do not maintain a bidders list for projects. The BBNEP oversees and administers these engineering contracts on behalf of the towns.

Anticipated RFRs for Stormwater Designs

Besse Park, Wareham, MA Stormwater Remediation

Active RFRs

None at this time.

Active Contracts

The Buzzards Bay NEP has set aside $20,000 to develop engineering designs to treat a stormwater discharge at Drift Road in Westport. The RFR was posted April 18, 2013, and proposals were due Thursday, May 30, 2013 by 4:00 PM. In August 2013, the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program awarded a $20,000 contract to Polaris Consultants, LLC to develop the stormwater treatment plans for the Drift Road drainage system.

Drainage from the municipal stormwater system flows untreated into the East Branch of the Westport River via Sam Tripp Brook. This section of the Westport River is on the state’s 303(d) list of impaired waters for bacteria and nitrogen and is closed to shellfishing for portions of the year. Treatment of the discharge is expected to contribute to improvements in water quality. The river crossing was recently the site of a new river culvert installation. The Buzzards Bay NEP is now working with town officials, the Westport River Watershed Alliance, and landowners to develop conceptual designs or options for the site. These conceptual designs will be finalized after review and meetings with abutters. Go to our Westport Drift Road Stormwater page for more up to date information on this project.

Recentl Contracts

In partnership with the Town of Wareham’s Community and Economic Development Authority (CEDA), the Buzzards Bay NEP used $20,000 in federal funds to hire Green Seal Environmental, Inc. to develop stormwater treatment designs for the Main Street drainage system in the Town of Wareham, MA to reduce stormwater-related pollutants discharging to the Wareham River estuary on the Wankinco River. The ultimate goal of the completed project is to help reduce bacteria discharges to the upper estuary, which will help contribute to possible reductions in the area or duration of current closures to shellfish resources. The Buzzards Bay NEP staff worked with Green Seal, Wareham Public Works, and CEDA, to decide upon the most practical stormwater management solutions, given the site conditions and drainage area. This project was completed in 2013. Go to our Wareham Main Street Stormwater page for more information on this project.

Completed Projects

Bourne: Buttermilk Way on Cohasset Narrows

Marion: Designs for Front Street

Westport: Designs for Westport Middle School

New Bedford: Waterfront stormwater designs and management recommendations

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