We have created this interactive nitrogen loading calculator so that you can quickly estimate nitrogen loading from key sources on you property. You may have to tell your web browser to allow scripts to allow this page to work correctly. Please report errors or send comments about this page to Joe Costa.

The calculator on the bottom of the page is an unprotected spreadsheets where you can enter data, and if you want, save them to your computer. Refresh your browser to start again if you accidentally delete a formula cell.

Residential Parcel Nitrogen Loading Calculator

Parcel Size:acres Calc. Method:MEP method is based on flow, but you can approximate with occupancy. Septic System ppm:
Winter Occupancy:persons Summer Occupancy:persons Wastewater Flow:gpd avg MEP assumes 90% of annual water use goes to septic system.
Lawn Area:sq. ft Roof Area:sq. ft Paved Area:sq. ft
Septic Load:lbs per year % of total
Lawn Load:lbs per year % of total
Impervious Load:lbs per year % of total
Natural Landscape load: lbs per year % of total
Total Load:lbs per year

Use this quick calculator, or use the more detailed spreadsheet calculator below. The values preloaded into this calculator are typical for residential parcels.

Calculate Your Nitrogen Loading Footprint with this more detailed spreadsheet calculator.