We have created this webpage as one of several interactive nitrogen loading calculators so that town officials, managers, engineers, and estimate nitrogen pollution contributions from various sources. You may have to tell your web browser to allow scripts to allow this page to work correctly. Please report errors or send comments about this page to Joe Costa.

The calculator on the bottom of the page is an unprotected spreadsheets where you can enter data, and if you want, save them to your computer. Refresh your browser to start again if you accidentally delete a formula cell.

Wastewater Facility (or septic system) Nitrogen Loading

STF Load Calculator (use no commas, just enter values in volume and concentration)
Volume:gallons per day Concentration:ppm or mg/l If you want sum monthly loads, use the spreadsheet.
Total Load:kg per yr Total Load:lbs per yr
Total Load:kg per day Total Load:lbs per day

Use the quick calculator above, the interactive spreadsheet below (ENTER DATA ONLY IN YELLOW SHADED CELLS), or download the spreadsheet at the bottom of page onto your computer.

Download bbnep-stf-nload.xls