Long Island Restoration Pictures

Pictures of the Bouchard Oil Spill: Long Island Beach Restoration

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Photos of the Long Island, Fairhaven Cobble Beach Replacement

All pictures by Joe Costa, BBP; photos of Long Island Fairhaven, June 9, 2003, about 4:00 PM. Photos taken after excavation had ceased and an incoming tide covered excavated area. Large boulders were piled in areas for cleaning. After the boulders were moved, a loader and a bobcat were used to scrape off the top layer of sand and cobble.

This photo shows piles of rock for cleaning. the green and blue seaweed looking material is snare boom. The flat blue ribbon deployed by boat is called “absorbent sweep.” The stake probably marks the limit of work to protect the fringing salt marsh.


Another view of the same area.





Cleanup workers assembling another chain of snare boom for deployement by boat

Barrel of oiled lobster pot floats and an oiled lobster pot on site, awaiting disposal.