Human Health Issues

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Beach Information

Where do people swim in Buzzards Bay? Well on any hot summer day, you will find many beach front property owners on their private beaches, but more likely residents will be swimming at one of the public beaches or resident association beaches in the map shown below.

Beach Information and Water Quality Testing Information Page

Map of Buzzards Bay beaches, click for more detailed map.
Buzzards Bay Beaches

Looking for information on the annual Buzzards Bay Swim? Then visit the Buzzards Bay Coalition web page.

Visit the Massachusetts Department of Public Health new Marine and Freshwater Beach Testing in Massachusetts web page.

Other Public Health Issues and sites

Massachusetts DPH Mercury & PCB advisories and DMF shellfish bed closures

Restrictions on pesticides in Zone 2s (public water supply recharge areas)

State rabies program in the Buzzards Bay watershed
The Massachusetts Department of Public Health and the Tufts Veterinary Program have teamed up for one of the most innovative and successful rabies control initiatives in the country. The effort focuses on feeding raccoons with bait containing vaccine. Because this effort is in the Buzzards Bay watershed and we sometimes receive inquiries about the program, we have added this information page for residents.

ATSDR – Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry / U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services

What is the “Geometric Mean” and how to calculate it (used for swimming beach and shellfish bed closures)