Stormwater Remediation Projects

Noteworthy Stormwater Remediation Projects in Buzzards Bay

Buzzards Bay NEP Efforts to Assist in the Treatment of Stormwater

Addition projects and information are contained on our Stormwater Engineering Design Procurements page.

The Buzzards Bay NEP has funded or helped guided dozens of stormwater remediation projects over the years. On this page we have highlighted a few of these projects.

Westport Drift Road Stormwater Project.
This project is in a more rural setting, where high volumes of stormwater and sediment are affecting a small anadromous fish stream in the Town of Westport. In addition, fecal bacteria in the stormwater are contributing to shellfish bed closures in the upper East Branch of the Westport River. The goal of the first phase of this project is to develop engineering designs to reduce the volume and improve the quality of stormwater discharging into Sam Tripp Brook. Work is continuing into 2014.

Bourne Buttermilk Way Stormwater Project.
The Town of Bourne and the Massachusetts Maritime Academy collaborated to treat stormwater discharging from a road and a parking lot that is contributing to a shellfish bed closure in Cohasset Narrows Bourne. Designs were completed in 2012, and the Town received funding in 2012 and 2013 from CZM’s CPR grant program to implement those designs.

Wareham Main Street Stormwater Project.
The goal of this project was to reduce the volume and improve the quality of stormwater discharging to the Wankinco River portion of the Wareham River estuary. Targeted discharges include runoff from Main Street and the parking area of Merchant Square. Designs were completed in 2013, and the town is seeking funding to implement the project.

Broad Marsh River Stormwater Remediation Project.
This page includes a project summary and the final report on the Town of Wareham and DEP 319 program funded stormwater remediation project to help open shellfish beds. This work was completed more than a decade ago with assistance from the Buzzards Bay NEP.

Spragues Cove Project.
This project involved the construction of a two-acre wetland to manage and treat stormwater principally from the center of the Town of Marion, MA. This project was completed in the 1990s, but we keep the page posted because of its success, and for the valuable lessons learned.

Buttermilk Bay Stormwater Projects.
This project involved the work of three towns in the Buttermilk Bay watershed. Work involved treatment of thirty sizable stormwater discharges in a number of projects and initiatives that began in the 1980s and continued to the 1990s and beyond. We keep this page posted because it illustrates the value of systematically tackling stormwater problems and serves as a model for subsequent efforts by the Buzzards Bay NEP.

Island Wharf Marina Stormwater Project.
This project, which involved the construction of a large biofilter in an urban town village setting, was completed in 2006. Cost overruns because of unexpected problems and delays almost killed this project, but the Town of Marion stepped up to the plate and ensured the project’s success.

Westport Middle School Complex Property.
The BBNEP funded the development of designs for the treatment of stormwater from the Westport Middle School and Town Library complex site. The goal of this project was to reduce high stormwater volume and pollutants leaving the site and discharging to the Old County Road drainage system that flows in the head of the East Branch of the Westport River estuary. Designs were completed in 2010 the town has received a DEP Section 319 grant to construct the stormwater treatment system. Most work on this project was completed in 2013.