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Selected Correspondence

On this page we have placed selected correspondence by the Buzzards Bay NEP that may be of interest. Additional correspondence and reports may be found on other pages on the Buzzards Bay NEP website. For example, correspondence related to the development or implementation of nitrogen management strategies can be found on the Nitrogen page.

Town specific correspondence is on town information pages. Go to Town Info page

First newsletter of the Buzzards Bay Project (870kb pdf, issued December 1985.

EPA's letter on the 2002 review and evaluation of Buzzards Bay NEP performance on implementing the Buzzards Bay CCMP

1992 DEP support letter for CCMP

1992 EPA approval letter for CCMP

Interesting correspondence on definition of the boundary of Buzzards Bay and its watershed.
700 kb pdf file, Graphics degraded to allow smaller file size.

Origins of the Buzzards Bay Citizen Monitoring Programs (45 kb PDF file).
The Buzzards Bay NEP worked with the Westport River Watershed Alliance and the Buzzards Bay Coalition to establish the first citizen-based water quality monitoring programs in Buzzards Bay. This proposal to Mass Environmental Trust laid out the strategy. Unfortunately, the Trust was only able to fund the Westport River monitoring component, and additional funds were not awarded by EPA. However, because the bay-wide monitoring program was viewed as a worthy goal, the Buzzards Bay NEP Management Committee agreed to fund the baywide monitoring effort and Town Watch program in the spring of 1991.

The Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case (1993) -12 kb PDF.
This letter (the first of nine pieces of correspondence by the Buzzards Bay NEP), and a wetlands appeal by the Buzzards Bay NEP, eventually led to a series of actions that resulted in a developer of a residential subdivision agreeing to redelineate the wetlands on a 90+ acre subdivision. It turned out that 60+ acres of wetland were overlooked in the original wetland permit filing with the Town of Mattapoisett, and under an agreement with DEP, fill was removed from wetlands.

A 1994 update on the Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case with graphics -119 kb PDF.
A good summary of a dramatic series of actions.

Correspondence at start of BBP involvement with Town of Falmouth Bogs (1996) -12 kb PDF.

1997 Buzzards Bay MOU
1997 Memorandum of Understanding between the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, The Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee

2005 updated Buzzards Bay MOU
In the Spring of 2005, during their respective board meetings, both The Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee adopted this update of the 1997 MOU.