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Address: Town Hall, P.O. Box 79399, Dartmouth, MA 02747. Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.;
Phone: (508) 910-1813; Fax: (508) 910-1839
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen, Executive Administrator (Michael Gagne); Representative Town Meeting (elected members)
Board of Selectmen Meetings: Chairman: Joe Michaud


2000 Population (2000 U.S. Census): 30,666 (percent increase=12.6%)
1990 Population (1990 U.S. Census): 27,244
2000 Housing Units: 11,283; (including unoccupied)
Average Persons per Unit: 2.72

Land Use and Geography

Total Land Area: 61.83 sq. miles
Dry Land Area: 62.67 sq. miles
Population Density: 434.7 per sq. miles

Public Boat Ramps

Padanaram Bridge, 1 pier and 2 paved ramps

Public Beaches

Demarest Lloyd State Park (Slocums River Estuary)
Jones Beach (Clarks Cove)
Apponagansett Beach (Apponagansett Bay)

Deed and Assessors Online Data Links

Town of Dartmouth Online Assessors Data Base

Bristol County Online Deeds Data Base

Permitted Pollution Discharges and Toxic Waste Generators

EPA's enviro-mapper showing Wareham surface water dischargers or waste generators.Groundwater dischargers are not shown.

Potential Wetland Restoration Sites

The following downloads are excerpts from our report Selected Inventory of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites in the Buzzards Bay Watershed. Click the links to open the files in your web browser, or right click to save to your computer. Graphics on these pdf files has been degraded to reduce file size. Request a CD if this report (click the above link for more info)to obtain higher resolution pdf files.

Appendix 2. Sites in Dartmouth (3.4 MB pdf file).

Dartmouth Locus Map

Dartmouth 2009 NPDES Phase II MS4 permit annual report


town of Dartmouth sealTown of Dartmouth, MA Official Home Page

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Page on Dartmouth

The Lloyd Center for Environmental Studies Home Page.
"The Center provides educational programs to students and their parents about our unique and fragile coastal environments and our special responsibility to them."

New Bedford Standard Times info page on Dartmouth, MA
Today's Dartmouth News from the New Bedford Standard Times

Other Information

Proposed sewering around Lake Noquochoke


Selectmen Joe Michaud Chairperson 2010
Robert W. Carney Vice-Chairperson 2009
Diane M. Gilbert 2009
William Trimble 2011
Nathalie L. Dias Chairperson 2010

Planning Board: 910-1816 John P. Haran Clerk 2010
John V. Sousa 2013
Joseph E. Toomey Jr. Vice-Chairperson 2009
Arthur Larrivee 2012
Lorri-Ann Miller 2011
Kathleen DelSordo Alternate Annual

APPOINTED OFFICIALS Selectmen's Executive Administrator, 910-1836
Police Chief, Mark Pacheco, 910-1736
Animal Control Officer, Sandra Gosselin, 910-1840
Fire Chiefs: District 1, John Alcaidinho; District 2, Tim Andre; District 3, Richard Arruda
Department of Public Works Acting Superintendent: David T. Hickox, 999-0740
Director of Public Health, Wendy W. Henderson, RS, 910-1804
Environmental Affairs Coordinator: Michael O'Reilly
Harbormaster, Steven Melo, 999-0759
Natural Resources/Shellfish Warden, Kenneth Pacheco, 910-1819

Conservation Commission: 910-1822 - Appointed by the Select Board
Richard Mallen 2008
Michael Kehoe 2010
Patrick Sweriduk 2008
Daniel Gioiosa 2010 Jacquelyn McDonald 2009
Jennifer Brindisi 2010
Board of Health - Elected
Gail Davidson, M.D. Chairperson 2009
Thomas W. Hardman Vice-Chairperson 2010
Linda M. Motha 2011

Board of Public Works - Appointed by the Select Board
Manuel Branco 2009
Lee Azinheira 2010
Mark Nunes 2011

Board of Appeals - Appointed by the Select Board
Roger Tougas Chairman 2009 Kimberly Moses Smith 2008
Raymond Souza 2010
Halim A. Choubah, PE Alternate 2010 Allan Turner Alternate 2010 Mike Travers 2009 Margaret Sweet 2006

Waterways Management Committee - Appointed by the Select Board
Warren Hathaway 3 years
Norman Peloquin 3 years
Robert Metcalf 3 years
Gerald Hickey 3 years
Roger Race 3 years
Ira Perry 3 years
Chris Hemingway 3 years

Trash collection: Town is member of Greater New Bedford Regional Refuse Management District, which manages trash collection and curbside recycling for entire town.
Water: 90 percent of town receives municipal water
Sewer: 50 percent of town served by municipal sewer system.
Parks and beaches
Demarest Lloyd State Park, off Barney's Joy Road, South Dartmouth.
Apponagansett Town Beach, opposite Smith Neck Road, near Padanaram Harbor.
Round Hill Beach (parking for town residents only), off Smith Neck Road.
Jones Beach, end of St. John's Street.