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Town of Falmouth, MA Wetland Regulations Shellfish Survey

This page includes only key text (but not the graphics) from the shellfish form. View the pdf version" of this page for a view of the entire document.

Prepared by the BBNEP, check the town's website for the latest version


Falmouth Wetland Regulations

FWR 10.99 General Instructions for Completing

Town of Falmouth

Shellfish Survey (Form SS)

Falmouth Wetlands Bylaw

Chapter 235 of the Code of Falmouth


The purpose of the Shellfish Survey is to provide the Conservation Commission and with a complete and accurate description of the shellfish resources at and near the site of the proposed activity. This form is intended to standardize information submitted pursuant to FWR 10.34(4).

This information is necessary for the Conservation Commission to fulfill its responsibility to protect the Town of Falmouth's wetlands resources in accordance with the Falmouth Wetlands Bylaw, Chapter 235 of the Code of Falmouth (the "Bylaw").

Responsibility of Applicant

The role of the Conservation Commission is that of a reviewing agency. It is the applicant's responsibility to provide all of the information required for this review. It is therefore in the interest of the applicant to submit as complete and accurate a description of their project as possible to ensure that requests for additional information by the Conservation Commission do not result in an unnecessary delay of their project.

Species Code

Each species found in a sample plot shall be noted on the data sheet by the code below:

Code Common Name Scientific Name

Quahog Mercenaria merceneria

Soft shell clam Mya arenaria

Oyster Crassostrea virginica

Bay scallop Argopecten irradians

Blue mussel Mytilus edulis

Razor clam Ensis directus

Sea clam Spisula solidissima

Sea scallop Placopecten magellanicus

Ocean quahog Arctica islandica

Bottom Characteristics Code

Each bottom characteristic for each sample location shall be noted on the data sheet using the code below.

FWR 10.99

General Instructions: Shellfish Survey continued

Code Bottom Characteristic

Rocky (15% -30% cover with rocks)

Very rocky (30%-60% cover with rocks)

Extremely rocky ( >60% cover with rocks)

Fine sand

Medium sand

Coarse sand


Hydrogen sulfide smell

Black or dark grey layer

Organic rich sediments

HH. Eelgrass

Data Entry:

Samples shall be taken in the location specified in FWR 10.34. For each sample area, the number and type of each species shall be recorded. Notation of each sample shall be made in the appropriate box on the Shellfish Survey Data Sheet. The substrate type shall also be recorded.

FWR 10.99

Form SS Applicant

Town ofShellfish Survey (Form SS)

FalmouthFalmouth Wetlands Bylaw Chapter 235 of the Code of Falmouth

Part I: General Information

1. Location: Street Address

Lot Number

2. Project: Type

3. Length of Pier

4. Applicant Tel.


5. Property Owner: Tel.


6. Person Conducting Survey: Tel.


Additional Comments:


Date:__________________ Performed by:

Page 1 of ____. __________________


from MHW 20' 10' Centerline 10' 20'

Information provided will be used in evaluating the application for a permit and is made a matter of public record through issuance of a public notice. Disclosure of this information is voluntary; however, if necessary information is not provided, the application cannot be processed nor can a permit be issued.

I hereby certify under the pains and penalties of perjury that the foregoing Shellfish Survey and accompanying plans, documents and supporting data are true and complete, to the best of my knowledge.

Signature of Applicant Date

Signature of Applicant's Representative Date