Municipal Information

Information on Buzzards Bay Watershed Towns

Online Municipal
laws & regulations
Town of Acushnet, MA Yes No No No Goog
Town of Bourne, MA Yes Bylaws Health Wetlands Nat Res Zoning Yes No Goog
Town of Carver, MA Yes Wetlands Bylaws Zoning Yes No Goog
Town of Dartmouth, MA Yes General Zoning Wetlands Yes No Goog
Town of Fairhaven, MA Yes Health Wetlands Zoning Yes No Goog
City of Fall River, MA Yes Ordinances Yes No Goog
Town of Falmouth, MA Yes All Yes Yes Goog
Town of Gosnold, MA Yes Yes No No NA
Town of Marion, MA Yes Wetlands Health Yes No Goog
Town of Mattapoisett, MA Yes Health Zoning Yes No Goog
Town of Middleborough, MA Yes Yes No No Goog
City of New Bedford, MA Yes Planning All ordinaces (3mb) pdf Yes No Goog
Town of Plymouth, MA Yes All Yes No Goog
Town of Rochester, MA Yes Zoning Yes No Goog
Town of Wareham, MA Yes Gen Zoning Health Shellfish Waterways Yes No Goog
Town of Westport, MA Yes No Yes No Goog

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Buzzards Bay Towns Linkage Map

Westport New Bedford Bourne Falmouth Marion Mattapoisett Fairhaven Rochester Fall River Dartmouth Westport Wareham Plymouth Carver Gosnold Middleborough Acushnet

Deed Information

Deed information for all Buzzards Bay towns is now online. Click the links below for more information.

Southern Bristol County

Barnstable County

Plymouth County

Note on “Villages” within municipalities

Many municipalities, particularly those that did not develop large populations until after the 1960s, retain distinct village identities to sections of towns that were settled with multiple village centers in the 1600s and 1700s. This is particularly true with many Cape Cod towns. Consequently, many phone listings and mailing addresses show the name of the village, and not the name of the municipality. This phenomenon causes confusion to visitors, individuals trying to look up information or directions on the Internet, and persons looking up phone listings. The problem is exacerbated by the fact that some nearby villages have their own post offices, but neighboring post offices may have identical zip codes. This situation is not often found outside of New England. For example, if you cannot find a listing under “Bourne, MA” try “Buzzards Bay, MA” “Monument Beach, MA” or another village. Keep in mind it is possible for two villages in the same town to have identical street names!

  • BOURNE: Buzzards Bay-02532, Sagamore-02561, Sagamore Beach-02562, Bournedale-02532, Pocasset-02559, Cataumet-02534, and Monument Beach-02553.
  • DARTMOUTH: Nonquit, Russels Mills, Padanaram, South Dartmouth, Bayview, Smith Mills
  • FALMOUTH: East Falmouth-02536, Hatchville-02536, Teaticket-02536, Waquoit-02536, North Falmouth-02556, Silver Beach-02565, West Falmouth-02574, Sippewisset, Quissett, and Woods Hole-02543
  • WAREHAM: Onset-02558, East Wareham-02538
  • WESTPORT: Adamsville, Westport Point


Population Overview

Below is a summary of the Buzzards bay watershed population. This table includes all municipalities, even those with just a sliver of land in the watershed. Perhaps the most interesting statistic from this data is that most Buzzards Bay watershed residents live within a 15 minute walk of salt water.

Town US Census 2005 estimated population % of town area in the watershed approx. BB watershed 2005 population population within 1/2 mile of Buzzards Bay percent of population 1/2 mile of Buzzards Bay
Acushnet 10544 100.0% 10544 2326 22%
Bourne 19365 83.2% 14468 9569 66%
Carver 11562 84.3% 9664 0 0%
Dartmouth 31389 100.0% 31388 6970 22%
Fairhaven 16222 100.0% 16222 12552 77%
Fall River 91802 27.6% 457 0 0%
Falmouth 33644 41.8% 9118 5613 62%
Freetown 8979 13.7% 1688 0 0%
Gosnold 86 52.3% 66 66 77%
Kingston 12457 2.6% 306 0 0%
Lakeville 10639 0.6% 53 0 0%
Marion 5319 100.0% 5319 4295 81%
Mattapoisett 6479 100.0% 6479 4007 62%
Middleborough 21198 23.6% 1666 0 0%
New Bedford 93102 96.1% 91164 40001 44%
Plymouth 54923 43.8% 12265 937 8%
Rochester 5310 91.5% 4767 0 0%
Sandwich 20726 4.3% 0 0 0%
Wareham 21296 100.0% 21296 14715 69%
Westport 15071 85.2% 11776 2826 24%
Totals 490113 248706 104883 42%

Note: Population estimates are based on 2000 US Census data, and US Census 2005 population estimates. For 2000 data, population in census blocks bisected by the watershed boundary are assigned a population proportional to the portion of the census block within the watershed, then proportionally adjusted to 2005 US Census estimates. The population within a half mile of Buzzards Bay includes populations within half mile of any saltwater area including all saltwater embayments, bays, and harbors. Census blocks bisected by this half-mile boundary line were also apportioned populations based on their area within this zone.

Looking for 2000 US census data on Buzzards Bay towns?:

Download entire demographic data report for all Massachusetts Towns from the US Census Bureau (3.3 MB pdf file)
right CLICK on the above link to download to your hard drive to open later, otherwise it will open in explorer.