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Address: Town Hall, 16 Main Street, Mattapoisett, MA 02739. Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.; phone: (508) 758-4100; Fax: (508)758-3030
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen; Executive Secretary (Michael Gagne); Open Town Meeting
Board of Selectmen Meetings: 1st & 3rd Tuesday of the month. Chairman: Jordan C. Collyer.

For this weeks Board of Selectmen’s meeting agenda, visit the Wanderer Newspaper website.


2000 Population (2000 U.S. Census): 6,268 (percent increase=7.1%)
1990 Population (1990 U.S. Census): 5,850
2000 Housing Units: 3,172; (including unoccupied)
Average Persons per Unit: 1.97


Deed and Assessors Online Data Links

Town of Mattapoisett Online Assessors Data Base

Plymouth County Online Deeds Data Base

Permitted Pollution Discharges and Toxic Waste Generators

Click this link to open a window for EPA’s enviro-mapper showing Mattapoisett surface water dischargers or waste generators. Groundwater dischargers are not shown.

Public Boat Ramps

Town Dock, Water Street, 2 piers, 1 paved ramp.
Town Landing, Matt Neck Road, gravel ramp
See map on Boat Ramp Information page.

Public Beaches

Mattapoisett Town Beach
Neds Point Beach
Harbor Beach
See map on on Beaches Information page.

Land Use and Geography

Total Land Area: 18.92 sq. miles; Dry Land Area: 18.46 sq. miles
Population Density: 518 per sq. mile

1998 Open Space Plan and Maps

1998 Open Space Plan for Mattapoisett (1 MB pdf)
In 1998, the Buzzards Bay National estuary Program prepared this open space plan for the Town of Mattapoisett. The plan, valid for only three years, helped the Town obtain hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to purchase land in the Mattapoisett River Valley to protect the aquifer and sensitive habitat. The above version of the report lacks some of the large color maps, which are included in links below. Open Space Map of Mattapoisett: Parcels on Topo Quad Map and Aerial Photo (1.4 MB pdf)
The following maps were prepared by the Buzzards Bay NEP for the Marion Open Space Committee. The maps open in a new window.

General Open Space Map of Mattapoisett (888 kb pdf)

Open Space Map of Mattapoisett: Parcels on Topo Quad Map and Aerial Photo (1.4 MB pdf)
(Reduced resolution version)

Open Space Map of Mattapoisett: Status of Open Space Parcels (1.2 MB pdf)
(Reduced resolution version)


Eel Pond Study

The state legislature has provided in FY05 budget, a line item (within the Division of Conservation and Recreation) that provides funding for Buzzards Bay water quality restoration projects “including, but not limited to engineering and permitting costs for restoration in Mattapoisett of the Eel Pond drainage culvert.” The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, a planning and technical assistance unit of Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, is administering these funds on behalf of the DCR and EEA. (Read Buzzards Bay NEP will administer $60,000 grant for Eel Pond Mattapoisett engineering designs for dredging, improved flushing. Link opens New Bedford Standard Times article in new window.

In January 2005, the Buzzards Bay NEP awarded a contract to the Town of Mattapoisett.

Eel Pond has two tidal channels. One at the eastern end, which has been in place since the 19th century (and passes under an abandoned railroad bridge), and one at the western end, which appeared in the 1960s or early 1970s. In the past few decades, the western channel to Eel Pond has been widening, while at the same time the eastern channel has been filling in.

There are several ramifications to these trends and issues that need to be addressed. First, the Town of Mattapoisett’s sewer line travels under the barrier beach that forms Eel Pond. With the migration and widening of the western channel, and the erosion of the shoreline there, there is a concern that, in the event of a severe hurricane, a shifting beach may expose and destroy the sewer line buried there.

Second, Eel Pond suffers from excessive nutrient loading and is among the most eutrophic systems in Buzzards Bay. Improving tidal flushing in the embayment can improve water quality there. Improving flushing at the eastern end may also potentially slow the rate of movement of and expansion of the channel in the western end.

To read the details of the work entailed by the project, read this summary scope.

We are providing more site information on our new Eel Pond, Mattapoisett page.

Potential Wetland Restoration Sites

The following downloads are excerpts from our report Selected Inventory of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites in the Buzzards Bay Watershed. Click the links to open the files in your web browser, or right click to save to your computer. Graphics on these pdf files has been degraded to reduce file size. Request a CD if this report (click the above link for more info)to obtain higher resolution pdf files.

Appendix 5. Sites in Mattapoisett (1.1 MB pdf file).

Site Locus Map for Mattapoisett (1.1 MB pdf file).


Town of Mattapoisett Seal Official Town of Mattapoisett Website

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Page on Mattapoisett

New Bedford Standard Times info page on Mattapoisett

Today’s Mattapoisett News from the New Bedford Standard Times

Mattapoisett Trail Maps, Bikepaths

Reports, articles, and correspondence of interest

Downloaded Deed Plans (as of Feb 2010) (228 pdf files, zipped together, 52 MB)

Targeted Watershed Action Plan for the Mattapoisett River (a 3.4 MB PDF file).

This Buzzards Bay NEP, together with a number of partners, including the Mattapoisett River Valley Water Supply Protection Advisory Committee, developed this proposal to help manage water withdrawals and reduce pollutant inputs to protect and restore the Mattapoisett River watershed. Although this proposal was not funded, this Buzzards Bay NEP is continuing to work with the Town of Mattapoisett to implement elements of the proposal. Right click to save the file on your computer.

September 2002 BBP comments to MEPA on Final EIR for the Bay Club golf course development (a 127 kb PDF file).

August 2002 letter to Board of Health on Mattapoisett Beach Brook Sampling (a 320 kb PDF file).

July 2002 BBP comments to MEPA on draft EIR for the Bay Club golf course development (a 93 kb PDF file).

May 2002 letter to Board of Health on Mattapoisett Beach Brook Sampling (a 320 kb PDF file).

April 2002 letter to Board of Health on Mattapoisett Beach Brook Sampling (a 184 kb PDF file).

January 2002 BBP comments to MEPA on proposed Bay Club golf course development (a 70 kb PDF file).

July 2001 BBP letter to Mattapoisett Board of Health regarding elevated MBTE levels in a stormwater discharge (a 46 kb PDF file).

A 1999 BBP response to a Town of Mattapoisett request for info on use of funds for public access ( a 48 kb PDF file).

BBP awards $25,000 in grants to restore herring in the Mattapoisett River (81 kb PDF file).

A 1997 letter to DEP, BBP supports Mattapoisett sewer extension request (a 45 kb PDF file).


A New Bedford Standard Times article- 2/11/02: Proposed Mattapoisett Golf Club raises concerns

A New Bedford Standard Times article- 6/1/00: Coalition’s Director Rasmussen Rebuttal to S-T editorial On Mattapoisett Sewering

A NBST article- 9/19/99: Eel Pond Mattapoisett Suffers from Too Many Nutrients

A NBST article-10/30/96: BBP helps Mattapoisett study stormwater problem


Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case

The Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case (1993) -12 kb PDF.
This letter (the first of nine pieces of correspondence by the Buzzards Bay NEP) eventually led to a series of actions that resulted in a developer of a residential subdivision agreeing to redelineate the wetlands on a 90+ acre subdivision. It turned out that 60+ acres of wetland were overlooked in the original wetland permit filing with the Town of Mattapoisett, and under an agreement with DEP, fill was removed from wetlands.

A 1994 update on the Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case with graphics -119 kb PDF.
Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case Information

Mattapoisett River herring counts.

Appointed Officials

  • Town Administrator, Michael Gagne, 758-4100 x4
  • Police Chief Mary R. Lyons, 758-4141
  • Fire Chief, Andrew Murray, 758-4150
  • Finance Director/Town Accountant, Suzanne Szyndlar, 758-4100 x201
  • Treasurer/Tax Collector, Brenda A. Herbeck, CMMT, CMMC, 758-4100 x1
  • Building Inspector, Andrew Bobola, 758-4100 x 9
  • Health Agent, Dale S. Barrows, Amelia B. Mello, Secretary: (508) 758-4100 x 8
  • Conservation Commission: 758-4100 x219
    Robert J. Rogers, Chairman
    Peter G Newton, Member
    Michael King, Member
    Marylou Kelliher, Member
  • Water/Sewer Superintendent, William T. Nicholson, 758-4161
  • Harbormaster, Jill R. Simmons, 758-4191

Elected Officials

  • Selectmen: 758-4100
    Jordan C. Collyer, Chairman, 2016
    R. Tyler Macallister, Vice Chairman, 2017
    Paul A. Silva, Clerk, 2018
  • Assessors: 758-4106 x3
    Raymond Andrews, Member at Large, 2017
    Leonard T. Coppola, Clerk, 2018
    Cary LeBlanc, Chairman, 2016
  • Town Clerk: 758-4103 x2
    Catherine Heuberger
  • Planning Board: 758-4100 x 215
    Thomas M. Tucker, Chairman, 2014 Karen Field, 2016
    Mary Crain, 2013
    Nathan Ketchel, 2018
    John P. Mathieu, 2017
  • Moderator: 758-4100
    John A. Eklund (2015)
  • Board of Health: 758-4112
    Kenneth Dawicki
    Russell Bailey
    Carmelo Nicolosi
  • Highway Surveyor: 758-4181
    Barry J. Denham
  • Water/Sewer Commissioners:
    Daniel W. Chase, Chairman Al Menino, Clerk Bill Hubbard

Town of Mattapoisett Website