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Address: Town Hall, 10 Nickerson Ave., Middleborough, MA 02346
Phone:(508) 947-0928; Fax: (508) 946-2320
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen ; Town Manager (John F. Healey); Open Town Meeting
Board of Selectmen: (5 members) Wayne C. Perkins, Chairman, Term expires 2008; James W. Wiksten, Term expires 2006; Lincoln Andrews, Term expires 2007; Adam Bond, Term expires 2007; Marsha L. Brunelle, Term expires 2008

Planning Board:Chairman: J. Nathaniel Hailey, Town Planner: Ruth McCawley Geoffroy

Map of Middleborough Open Space


2000 Population (2000 U.S. Census): 19,941 (percent increase=11.6%)
1990 Population (1990 U.S. Census): 17,867
2000 Housing Units: 7,249; (including unoccupied)
Average Persons per Unit: 2.75

Middleborough Land Use

Land Use and Geography

Total Town Area: 72.18 sq. miles; Dry Land Area: 69.13 sq. miles

Buzzards Bay watershed Town Area: 17.00 sq. miles; Dry Land Area in BB watershed: 16.8 sq. miles

Population Density: 288 per sq. mile town wide

___ in the Buzzards Bay watershed

Deed and Assessors Online Data Links

There is no Town of Middleborough Online Assessors database.
Plymouth County Online Deeds Data Base

Potential Wetland Restoration Sites

The following downloads are excerpts from our report Selected Inventory of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites in the Buzzards Bay Watershed. Click the links to open the files in your web browser, or right click to save to your computer. Graphics on these pdf files has been degraded to reduce file size. Request a CD if this report (click the above link for more info)to obtain higher resolution pdf files.

Appendix 6. Sites in Middleborough (0.5 MB pdf file).

Site Locus Map for Middleborough (0.5 MB pdf file).

Permitted Pollution Discharges and Toxic Waste Generators

EPA’s enviro-mapper showing surface water dischargers or waste generators.Groundwater dischargers are not shown.


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Appointed Officials

Conservation Commission

Richard Chamberlin, Chairmain
Michael Brady
Patricia Delaney
Leonard Ruprecht
D. Jeffrey Erickson
Deborah Kirsch
John Mateiro
Rosemarie Correia, Agent
Phyllis Barbato, Secretary

Land-Use Subcommittee

Richard Rebell, Chairman Ron Burgess
Richard Chamberlin
Mary Jigerjian
Sarah Jigerjian

Nancy Kitchen Robert Orkin
Leonard Ruprecht
Ellen Williams