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Address:Plymouth Town Hall, 11 Lincoln Street, Plymouth, MA 02360
Phone: (508) 747-1620 (connecting most departments) (508) 830-4000 (administrator); Fax: (508)
Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Board of Selectmen Meetings: Every Tuesday evening at 7:00 p.m. at Town Hall; Board of Selectmen Chairman: Richard J. Quintal, Jr.
Form of Government: Board of Selectmen; Town Manager (Mark Sylvia); Elected Town Meeting Members


2000 Population (2000 U.S. Census): 51,701 (increase from 1990=13.3%)
1990 Population (1990 U.S. Census): 45,608
2000 Housing Units: 21,250; (including unoccupied)
Average Persons per Unit: 2.43 (includes unoccupied)

Land Use and Geography

Total Area: 133.99 sq. miles
Dry Land Area: 96.48 sq. miles
Population: 51,701
Population Density: 536 per sq. mile


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Town of Plymouth Online Assessors Data Base

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Potential Wetland Restoration Sites

The following downloads are excerpts from our report Selected Inventory of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites in the Buzzards Bay Watershed. Click the links to open the files in your web browser, or right click to save to your computer. Graphics on these pdf files has been degraded to reduce file size. Request a CD if this report (click the above link for more info)to obtain higher resolution pdf files.

Appendix 7. Sites in Plymouth (1.1 MB pdf file).

Site Locus Map for Plymouth (1.1 MB pdf file).

Correspondence on the ADM Wareham Road “River Run” Mixed Use Development

Comments to MEPA on the Draft Environmental Impact Report for A. D. Makepeace Wareham Road Mixed-Use Development in the Agawam River watershed (EEA No. 13580). The applicant, ADM Agawam Development LLC, proposes a mixed-use development on a 1,320-acre site along the Agawam River in the Buzzards Bay watershed. The mixed-use development consists of 1,075 residential units, a 90,000 square foot commercial space in an 800,000 square foot village center, with the entire development served by two wells with a combined permitted withdrawal of 660,000 gpd, and with nearly all wastewater being treated in a 344,000 GPD wastewater treatment facility.

The density bonus that the Town of Plymouth allowed on this project was so great, that the nitrogen loading from this development will far exceed the nitrogen loading to the Wareham River Estuary if this parcel had been developed as conventional rural residential, as it had been zoned.

Watershed nitrogen management requires a comprehensive assessment of all nitrogen sources including lawns, impervious surfaces, and wastewater. In this comment letter we promote the concept of nitrogen loading neutrality as a minimum standard for cluster development and TDRs. That is to say, no matter how well a project meets the goals of “Smart Growth”, at a minimum, the new development cannot exceed the expected nitrogen loading rates of the underlying zoning.

Read our BBNEP comment letter on MEPA Draft EIR (1.3 MB pdf file).

April 20, 2007 13580 DEIR certificate issued by the EEA Secretary after reviewing all submitted comments.

Permitted Pollution Discharges

EPA’s enviro-mapper showing Plymouth surface water dischargers or waste generators.Groundwater dischargers are not shown.

Plymouth 2007 NPDES Phase II MS4 permit annual report


Official Town of Plymouth Website

Commonwealth of Massachusetts Information Page on Plymouth

Elected and Appointed Officials

Town Manager Mark Sylvia (508) 830-4000
Assistant Town Manager Mark Sylvia (508) 830-4000
Administrative Assistant Melissa Arrighi (508) 830-4132
Administrative Secretary Lisa Johnson (508) 830-4000

Board of Selectmen(508) 830-4000

Richard J. Quintal, Jr., Chairman 2011
David F. Malaguti, Vice Chairman 2010
Kenneth A. Tavares 2009
Daniel “Butch” Machado, Jr. 2010
John T. Mahoney, Jr. 2011
Administrative Assistant to the Selectmen/Town Manager (508) 830-4132 (Tiffany Park Executive Assistant)

Conservation – 830-4060
Harbor Master – 830-4182
Health – 830-4090
DPW Admin – 830-4070
Planning & Dev – 830-4105
Police (Business) – 830-4220