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Mission and Identity

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The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program is an advisory and planning unit of the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management. We receive funding from, and are part of, the US Environmental Protection Agency's National Estuary Program. Created in 1985, the Buzzards Bay NEP completed a Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for the Bay in 1991. This plan is a blueprint for the protection and restoration of water quality and living resources in Buzzards Bay and its watershed, and was updated in 2013 (go to our CCMP page for more information). Today, the Buzzards Bay NEP provides funding and technical assistance to municipalities and citizens to implement the recommended actions contained in the Management Plan.

The views or information contained here do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts or the US EPA.


Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program
2870 Cranberry Highway
East Wareham, MA 02538

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Staff & Communications

Staff and Phone extensions (508.291.3625x):

Dr. Joe Costa is the Buzzards Bay NEP Executive Director. Ext. 11.
Tracy Warncke is the Buzzards Bay NEP Administrative Assistant. Ext. 10.
John Rockwell is the Buzzards Bay NEP Wetland Specialist. Ext. 14.
Bernadette Taber is the Buzzards Bay NEP Stormwater Specialist detailed from the USDA NRCS. Ext. 16.
Sarah Williams is the Buzzards Bay NEP Regional Planner. Ext. 13.

Fax: (508) 291-3628


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Buzzards Bay NEP Steering Committee

The Buzzards Bay NEP's activities and workplan are overseen and approved by a 6-member Steering Committee composed of the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management (CZM), the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Southeast Regional Planning and Economic Development District (SRPEDD) and two nonprofits: the Buzzards Bay Action Committee, which is composed of municipal officials, and the Buzzards Bay Coalition, a citizen-based group. Both the Action Committee and the Coalition were offshoots of the Project's Citizen Advisory Committee, which split in 1987 and led to the formation of these two independent nonprofit organizations. The Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs also participates on an advisory basis.

Buzzards Bay NEP Steering Committee Members

Agency/Organization Steering Committee Representative Key Staff to agency or organization on Buzzards Bay effort
MA CZM Bruce Carlisle, Deputy Director Dave Janik, South Coastal Regional Coordinator
MA DEP David DeLorenzo, Deputy Director of the Division of Municipal Services
US EPA, Region 1 Mel Cote, Manager, Ocean and Coastal Protection Unit Ann Rodney, EPA Project Officer for the BBNEP
SRPEDD Steve Smith, Executive Director Bill Napolitano, Environmental Program Director
Buzzards Bay Action Committee Brendan Mullaney, Chair BBAC Board of Directors
(Bourne Representative)
Elizabeth Leidhold, Executive Director
The Buzzards Bay Coalition Mark Rasmussen, CBB President Laura Ryan Shachoy, Esq., Chair, CBB Board of Directors
EEA (Advisory) Vandana Rao, Assistant Director for Water Policy

Staff to the Steering Committee, and facilitator: Joe Costa, Buzzards Bay NEP Executive Director.

Have you confused us with another Buzzards Bay organization?

In the 1980s, the Buzzards Bay NEP had a "Citizen Advisory Committee" or CAC that was part of the program and was helping with the evaluation of pollution and identification of management options to protect and restore Buzzards Bay. This CAC broke off from the Buzzards Bay NEP and eventually became two independent, not-for-profit organizations. The first organization called itself the Buzzards Bay Coalition. It was a '501(c)3' educational and outreach a citizen-based group. The second became the Buzzards Bay Action Committee, a '501(c)3' organizational composed of municipal officials, that has become more involved with state, local, and federal legislative and regulatory issues. Today, both organizations are on the Buzzards Bay NEP's Steering Committee, and both have adopted as one of their major goals, the implementation of recommendations contained in the Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

Coalition for BB Click here if for more information on the citizen's group,
the Buzzards Bay Coalition.

BBAC Click here for more information on the municipal official group,
the Buzzards Bay Action Committee.

1997 Buzzards Bay MOU
1997 Memorandum of Understanding between the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee for collaboration and cooperation on Buzzards Bay issues.

2005 updated Buzzards Bay MOU
In the Spring of 2005, during their respective board meetings, both The Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee adopted this update of the 1997 MOU.

This website was established October 31, 1997.