Herring Atlas

On On-line Herring Atlas for Buzzards Bay


The Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries and the herring wardens and natural resource officers of the municipalities of have worked continuously to maintain and improve the herring runs in Buzzards Bay. The Buzzards Bay NEP was proud to have assisted in some of those efforts in sometimes modest and sometimes significant ways. Our support included both funding and technical assistance, such as assisting towns prepare the necessary permits or grant applications to facilitate these efforts.

To support future efforts, the Buzzards Bay NEP has set up this webpage and on-line geographic database with information and data about Buzzards Bay herring Runs. This website builds upon the 2004 Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries prepared atlases of impaired herring runs in Massachusetts. It also includes many smaller herring habitat or potential herring habitat areas. It is hoped that this online database will assist towns and agencies establish restoration priorities, and prepare applications for funding and permitting.

Buzzards Bay Watershed Runs and Anadromous Fish Obstructions

Interactive Maps

We have placed DMF herring atlas information and town information for these sites into an interactive Google Earth map file above. These interactive maps have information and locations about each obstruction or other key feature on the run. Click on the dots to identify the site. Here is the google earth file if you want to open it on your computer:January 2010 Buzzards Bay Anadromous Fish obstructions. If a site near you does not include a photograph, please email us a picture so we can include it in the database. Please also report any errors you find. You need the most recent update of Google Earth to view the photographs.



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Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Report on Buzzards Bay (mainland side) herring run impairments

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Report on cape Cod herring run impairments

Webpage with all Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries Technical reports (herring and other species).

USGS Conte Anadromous Fish Laboratory, Turners Falls, MA

Herring Organizations

Alewives Anonymous (Rochester, Marion, Mattapoisett, MA group)

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