EPA Approval Letter to the 1991 CCMP

APR 14 1992

Honorable William F. Weld


Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Boston, Massachusetts 02133

Dear Bill:

It is my pleasure to officially approve the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) submitted for Buzzards Bay. The Buzzards Bay CCMP is only the second CCMP to be completed and approved under the National Estuary Program, Section 320 of the Clean Water Act. With this approval, funds become available for monitoring and oversight of CCMP implementation.

I want to congratulate the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the communities of Buzzards Bay for their exceptional cooperation and leadership during the development of the CCMP. This is a time of economic worry and mounting concern about the ability of government at all levels to take constructive action. With the Buzzards Bay CCMP, we now have an outstanding demonstration of commitment to the protection of estuaries by state and local governments, as well as a model for innovative, targeted management. The priorities you have chosen to address in Fiscal Year 1992 provide important milestones to evaluate the effectiveness of the actions you have recommended, as well as build the critical momentum to carry you towards full implementation of the CCMP.

We at the Environmental Protection Agency look forward to working further with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the communities of Buzzards Bay in ensuring the restoration and protection of this vital aquatic ecosystem for future generations.

Truly yours,

William Reilly