2013 update to the Buzzards Bay CCMP

In 2013, the Buzzards Bay NEP updated our landmark 1991 Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP), to reflect the progress achieved since that plan was finalized, the many tasks still not completed, as well as new challenges. The updated plan includes new, updated, and reaffirmed goals, objectives, and management solutions to meet the environmental needs for Buzzards Bay and its surrounding watershed in the coming years. The original plan was approved by EPA in 1992.

The updated Buzzards Bay watershed management plan is meant to be a blueprint to continue to help guide municipalities and watershed partners in their ongoing efforts to protect and restore water quality and living resources in the bay and surrounding watershed. We believe the update of the Buzzards Bay CCMP is also an excellent opportunity for municipalities to advance local priorities, and to request new measures or support from the state and federal government. While the Buzzards Bay watershed plan is not a regulatory document, the contents of the updated plan will help guide state and federal grants, technical assistance, and policy changes that will affect Buzzards Bay communities for years to come. For these reasons, the review of the new plan warrants the attention of local officials and the public.

Go to our 1991 CCMP page to see the original document.

CCMP 2013 Update

Below are links to the updated chapters and action plans in web page format. You can also download the entire document: Buzzards Bay CCMP, 2013 Update (21 MB pdf).

NOTICE: We discovered that some links in the pdf files could not be clicked (those without ‘www.’ visible). On May 15, 2014 we posted new pdf files where all links are now active.

Download the Executive Summary

Table Of Contents

Cover page, table of contents, and acknowledgments (pdf file)
Chapter 1 : The Buzzards Bay NEP and CCMP: Then and Now
Chapter 2 : Buzzards Bay: Its Watershed, Living Resources, and Governance
Chapter 3 : Characterization of Pollution Sources
Chapter 4: Action Plan Introduction and Organization

Action Plan 1: Managing Nitrogen Sensitive Embayments
Action Plan 2: Protecting and Enhancing Shellfish Resources
Action Plan 3: Managing Stormwater Runoff and Promoting LID
Action Plan 4: Improving Land Use Management and Promoting Smart Growth
Action Plan 5: Managing Onsite Wastewater Disposal Systems
Action Plan 6: Managing Impacts from Boating, Marinas, and Moorings
Action Plan 7: Protecting and Restoring Wetlands
Action Plan 8: Restoring Migratory Fish Passage and Populations
Action Plan 9: Protecting Bio-Diversity and Rare and Endangered Species Habitat
Action Plan 10: Managing Water Withdrawals to Protect Wetlands, Habitat, and Public Water Supplies
Action Plan 11: Managing Invasive and Nuisance Species
Action Plan 12: Protecting Open Space
Action Plan 13: Protecting and Restoring Ponds and Streams
Action Plan 14: Reducing Beach Debris, Marine Floatables, and Litter in Wetlands
Action Plan 15: Managing Coastal Watersheets and the Waterfront
Action Plan 16: Reducing Toxic Pollution
Action Plan 17: Preventing Oil Pollution
Action Plan 18: Planning for a Shifting Shoreline and Coastal Storms
Action Plan 19: Protecting Public Health at Swimming Beaches
Action Plan 20: Monitoring Management Action, Status, and Trends
Action Plan 21: Enhancing Public Education and Participation

Chapter 5: Implementing the Buzzards Bay CCMP
Chapter 6: Resources for Financing the Buzzards Bay CCMP
Glossary of Terms, Acronyms, and Agency Abbreviations

Entire document: 2013 Buzzards Bay CCMP (21 MB pdf).