Chapter 6

2013 CCMP, Chapter 6:
Resources for Financing the Buzzards Bay CCMP

About the new Buzzards Bay CCMP Action Plans
The Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) was updated in November 2013 to reflect the great progress achieved since the original CCMP was finalized.

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Resources for Financing the Buzzards Bay CCMP

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Current Approach

It will likely cost billions of dollars and take decades for all responsible agents to implement the hundreds of recommendations contained in the 2012 CCMP. To better organize and clarify the responsibilities and costs associated with these recommendations, we used our best professional judgment to identify these costs and financing options within each action plan, under each recommendation.

In this chapter we summarize total CCMP costs, major past and future funding sources and mechanisms, and we identify those grant and government programs that need additional resources.

Financing the implementation of a CCMP is not the same as financing a NEP, but they are related. For the goals of a nonregulatory document like the Buzzards Bay CCMP to be achieved, not only must progress be tracked, but approaches and actions refined and improved upon, and new adaptive efforts must be initiated to overcome government and public inertia. This is a key role for NEPs and their partners. For this reason this chapter also discusses the financing of the Buzzards Bay NEP and its partners. In particular we discuss past and future funding of the NEP’s two longstanding partners on its EPA Cooperative Agreements, the citizen NGO, the Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the municipal NGO the Buzzards Bay Action Committee.

In the end, however, it is local government that will bear most of the costs and burdens of implementing the CCMP, and municipalities remain the principal authority to adopt and implement the policies, regulations, and programs needed and recommended. Some of CCMP recommendations have a high cost and must be financed. Funding Buzzards Bay watershed municipal government actions is the key focus of this chapter. Based on our assessment, the Buzzards Bay NEP has concluded that Buzzards Bay municipalities will succeed only if regional, state and federal government share the regulatory and financial burdens of their effort.