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Summary of MEP Sentinel Station Concentrations and Load reductions

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MEP sentinel station locations and threshold concentrations

Map of MEP stations click image to enlarge. Or better yet, open the Google Earth files, or use the ArcGIS shapefile below.

Google Earth file: mep_sentinel_public_2012_bbnep.kmz

Zipped ArcGIS shapefile:

Source of Data

Only data contained in draft and final TMDL reports published at the MEP, DEP, EPA, or other publicly available websites are displayed on this page. For the most part, the US EPA has accepted these reports and values specified to establish TMDLs for those estuaries. MEP reports are available at these links:

EPA Approved TMDLs in MA
Town of Chatham Page
Town of Orleans Page
Edgartown Report at the Martha Vineyard Commission
Reports posted by the Town of Barnstable
Lagoon Pond Study posted on the MV Times

Estuary TMDL and Sentinel Target Concentrations

Estuary System Existing
watershed load
watershed load
Percent watershed
reduction to
meet TMDL
Sentinel station
target as modeled
Sentinel stations with target concentrations to primarily restore eelgrass habitat
Little River4.694.690%0.349
Lagoon Pond46.830.62-35%0.352
Phinneys Harbor System29.319.25-34%0.352
Sengekontacket Pond37.5730.28-19%0.353
West Falmouth Harbor41.7418.53-56%0.353
Nantucket Harbor23.4116.69-29%0.358
Slocums River136.09102.02-25%0.364
Centerville River System132.295.43-28%0.372
Lewis Bay System133.9197.82-27%0.38
Popponesset Bay69.1137.95-45%0.38
Three Bays System130.7670.25-46%0.38
Hamblin Pond10.371.58-85%0.38
Sulphur Spring System24.5219.63-20%0.381
Taylors Pond10.785.19-52%0.381
Stage Harbor System28.889.19-68%0.382
Great Pond (Falmouth)53.0119.71-63%0.404
Quashnet River25.9510.99-58%0.418
Green Pond22.3610.16-55%0.421
Jehu Pond7.241.88-74%0.446
Little Pond19.075.36-72%0.449
Farm Pond5.974.39-26%0.453
Bournes Pond14.953.55-76%0.454
Sentinel stations with target concentrations to primarily restore benthic habitat
Great Pond (Edgartown)30.2821.06-30%0.5
Rock Harbor9.073.72-59%0.5
Oyster Pond (Falmouth)4.473.15-30%0.633
Rushy Marsh Pond0.450.09-79%0.99
Namskaket Creek12.6945.89none1
Little Namskaket Creek7.7112.7465%1
Halls Creek23.1336.2657%1
Sesachacha Pond0.970.970%1

* Threshold target concentrations may be rounded to 2 significant digits in Executive Summaries or in the body of reports. Values shown are as presented in model tables, generally found in section VIII of the reports. Some reports have modeled TN concentrations to four significant digits. Mg/l is equivalent to parts per million (ppm).

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