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becomes New Bedford Mayor

On January 5, 1998, former Buzzards Bay NEP Toxics Use Reduction Program Coordinator, Fredrick M. Kalisz, was inaugurated as Mayor of New Bedford.

Fred Kalisz worked at the Buzzards Bay NEP from 1993 to June 1997 when he left the Project to run for Mayor of his hometown. During his tenure at the Project, Fred worked with many area businesses to encourage them to meet state and federal toxics use reductions goals, an important theme in the Buzzards Bay Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. He did this through a newsletter, workshops, meetings, and trade shows, and by bringing area businesses and industry into a better working relationship with state and local regulators and the State's Office of Technical Assistance. A major theme in Fred's work was that efforts to reduce the use and discharge of toxics also makes good financial sense for business since reduced expenses associated with water use and toxic waste disposal can save businesses a lot of money.

Fred also successfully called attention to local accomplishments in toxics reduction, and in 1994 and 1995 helped two area companies receive the Governor's awards for "Outstanding achievement in toxic use reduction." He also helped Brittany Dye and Printing secure a $425,000 grant for energy and toxic use reduction.

Fred's departure from the Project does not mean that our efforts to work with area businesses will cease on this important issue. At a meeting with New Bedford area business leaders in December, Mayor-elect Kalisz noted his desire to see the City work with the Buzzards Bay NEP to develop Toxic Use Reduction Program within the City's Environmental Department. In the coming months we look forward to working with Mayor Kalisz on developing a proposal to fund such an initiative.

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