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Buzzards Bay Oil Spill Cleanup Status Maps for May 8

Selected May 8, 2003 Cleanup Status Maps

Note that many areas with light to medium oiling after the spill are now designated "clean" after beach cleaning efforts as of the date of these maps. Some areas were re-oiled subsequently. "Clean" on the maps refers only to the immediate response endpoints, not that there is no visible evidence of oil. The coast guard is working on a set of definitions to better explain status maps.

On the maps, green is either clean or unoiled, yellow is very light oiling, orange is light, purple is medium, and black is heavy.

Click on the link to display a map in a new window. Mostly 100-200 kb GIF files.

W1B: Upper Buzzards Bay, parts of Marion, Wareham, parts of Bourne

W1C: Sippican Harbor, Marion

W1E: Mattapoisett Harbor and vicinity

W1F: Mattapoisett Neck and vicinity

W2A: Clarks Point New Bedford, Fairhaven, parts of Mattapoisett

W2B: Clarks Point New Bedford to Round Hill Dartmouth

W3A: Round Hill Dartmouth to Barneys Joy Dartmouth

W3B: Mishaum Dartmouth to Barneys Joy Dartmouth

W3C: Allens Pond at Westport-Dartmouth border

W3D: Westport