Staff Profiles

Project Organizational Profile and Staff Information


Identity: A state advisory and technical assistance unit within the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (MCZM), with a mission to protect and restore the environment of Buzzards Bay and its watershed.

Principal Customers: Municipal Boards of Health, Conservation Commissions, Planning Boards, Boards of Selectman, citizens, nonprofits.

Services: Proposal writing, wetland delineations, stormwater remediation, plan review, permitting assistance, technical evaluations, planning, environmental analysis.

Cost: Free!

Who can help you at the Program?

Dr. Joe Costa is Executive Director of the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program. Besides overseeing and administering the Program, Joe provides technical assistance on nitrogen loading assessment and management, water quality analysis, watershed planning, build-out analysis, data analysis, and use of LiDAR data. Joe’s research in Marine Ecology, particularly nitrogen loading effects on eelgrass beds and coastal ecosystems has been put to use in the Project-Coalition citizen monitoring program and the Program’s work to help municipalities meet the state’s newly approved nitrogen TMDLs. He also was the lead in the creation of the Massachusetts Alternative Septic System Test Center, now operated by Barnstable County Health (since 2001).
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Ann Rodney is the EPA Project Officer for the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, and is responsible for administering EPA’s side of things. Ann is a water resource planner at EPA, and has had a long history of establishing boat no discharge zones and working with National Estuary Programs throughout the EPA New England Region.

Kevin Bartsch is one of the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program’s Stormwater Specialists. He has a Master’s Degree in Watershed Science and over 20 years experience in GIS data development and modeling. Kevin has a wealth of knowledge in utility (water, wastewater, electric) infrastructure, asset management, soil erosion, natural resource management, and open space protection. At the BBNEP Kevin will be working with municipalities and the BBAC to create a comprehensive stormwater GIS and management program. Kevin also volunteers as a Director and current president of the Wareham Land Trust.
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Bernadette Taber is one of the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program’s Stormwater Specialists. A long-time former employee of the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service detailed to the Buzzards Bay NEP office since 1991, Bernie re-joined the Buzzards Bay NEP after leaving federal service in 2015. Bernie evaluates and develops engineering solutions for stormwater remediation in both agricultural and urban environments. Bernie has reviewed many engineering plans at the request of Buzzards Bay municipalities, and has also developed the preliminary stormwater and habitat restoration designs identified in collaboration with Buzzards Bay municipalities and their contractors.
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Tracy Warncke is the BBNEP’s Administrative Assistant. She not only handles administrative duties at the Buzzards Bay NEP office, but has designed many reports, brochures, and fact sheets for the Project and municipalities alike. If you need a report or information from the Project, Tracy is the one to call. Tracy spent four years with the Bourne Board of Health testing water for fecal coliform bacteria, experience she has put to work at the Project.
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Sarah Williams is the BBNEP’s Regional Planner. She provides assistance to municipalities on land use and watershed planning, land conservation, build out analysis, habitat restoration, and mapping. She is also responsible for the administration of the Program’s Municipal Grant Program, and is preparing the Program’s Regional Open Space Plan. Sarah was also a member of the Fairhaven-Acushnet Land preservation Trust.
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