Work Plans and Performance

Current Work Plan

Each year the Buzzards Bay NEP prepares a one-year work plan on its proposed activities. Below is the link to a recent work plan Federal FY13 Work Plan Tasks (139 kb pdf).

GPRA reports

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is required to conform to the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA), and measure the performance or progress of grantees toward meeting the agency’s environmental goals. More specifically, each NEP is required to prepare annual summaries of wetlands and habitat protected. In 2005, EPA implemented on-line reporting mechanism, called the National Estuary Program On-Line Reporting Tool. Information about projects and summaries of Buzzards Bay wetlands and habitat protected by the BBNEP, the CBB, and the municipalities are available at the Buzzards Bay NEP’s Interactive GPRA Map and Reports page, or visit this EPA Buzzards Bay NEPORT GPRA graphs link.

EPA Headquarters Implementation Review Performance

Roughly every four years, the Washington DC office of the US EPA conducts a review of the performance of each National Estuary Program in their efforts to implement the recommendations in the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan.

The Buzzards Bay NEP underwent a review in 2014.  Below are documents related to that submission.

Buzzards Bay NEP 2014 Program Evaluation Submission Documents Buzzards Bay NEP 2014 Program Review Submission
Program Review Section 8 Attachments [27 MB].
This attachment includes all the documents below and other supporting documents.

Other Past Work Plans

Federal FY13 Work Plan Tasks (139 kb pdf; work underway)

Buzzards Bay Coalition Annual reports

Previous Performance Evaluation Information

EPA’s comment letter on their 2009 implementation review (a 160 kb pdf file).

Buzzards Bay NEP Work Plan Partners

Coalition for BB
Website of the citizen’s group, the Buzzards Bay Coalition.

BBAC logo
Information page on the municipal official group, the Buzzards Bay Action Committee.

2005 Buzzards Bay Memorandum of Understanding.

2005 implementation review team.

2005 implementation review team.

EPA’s comment letter on our 2005 implementation review (a 160 kb pdf file).

The Buzzards Bay NEP is current undergoing another review by EPA. Go to our 2014 Program Evaluation Materials to see the documents related to that review.