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This page has links to some of the funding-related press releases issued by the Buzzards Bay NEP or our parent agency, the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Some newspaper links to these awards are listed below, and on our grant summary table.

Selected BBP Announcements and New Bedford Standard Times Articles on past BBP grant awards

Besides the links to the announcement pages above, these additional pages may be of interest.

NBST 9/7/09: Federal grants will boost Buzzards Bay water quality efforts

NBST 1/6/09: Federal grants aim to protect, restore coastal habitat

NBST 3/12/08: SouthCoast snares $104,000 in environmental aid

NBST 8/8/07: Tri-towns score grants and in-kind services to protect Buzzards Bay

NBST 1/22/07: 6 communities to benefit from estuary grants

NBST 2/5/07: Environmental grants awarded to four towns

BBNEP 2005 minigrant awards press release

September 2004: Buzzards Bay NEP awards $110,500 in municipal minigrants.

NBST 4/21/04: Grants available for Buzzards Bay towns

NBST 7/20/03: BBP wetland minigrants

NBST 11/6/00: CPR grants plus BBP announcement of Bilge Oil facility Grant

BBP Announcement of New Silver Beach Falmouth community wastewater treatment system site evaluation.

NBST 3/5/98: Area towns receive CZM grants (state match for BBP funding)

NBST 7/25/96: Buzzards Bay NEP awards grants to towns

NBST 6/22/96: Project awards grants to towns

NBST 6/11/96: BBP helps Brittany Dye secure $425,000 grant

NBST 7/3/96: Alternative septic system project in Dartmouth

NBST 7/28/96: Fairhaven gets $6500 for boat pump-out facility

BBP Announcement of Herring Grants in Rochester and Mattapoisett.

NBST 2/8/96: Mattapoisett will apply for BBP grant for Open Space Plan