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US Census Data for Southeast Massachusetts Coastal Watersheds

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What is on this page

On this page we present summary statistics and tables of US Census data for various subwatersheds in Southeastern Massachusetts. These statistics are useful for predicting subwatershed populations and wastewater discharges, especially where municipal water use is not available.

Watershed delineations

Our analysis is based the July 2012 coastal subwatersheds coverage posted on our GIS data page. Most of the boundaries in this coverage are based on the most recently published GIS coverages adopted by the Massachusetts Estuaries Project when available. For other subwatersheds, we have used the most recent versions developed and adopted by the USGS and the Cape Cod Commission. Click on the map on at the lower right of this page to see the subwatershed delineations used. Read also the information on our page about changes in the watershed boundary, which also contains Cape Cod and Buzzards Bay subwatershed shapefiles at the bottom of the page.

[This page is under construction. Data will be posted in August 2012.]

Links and Related Reports

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