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Archived Early Reports, Old Newsletters, Important Early Correspondence, Hard to Find Gray Literature

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First newsletter of the Buzzards Bay Project (870kb pdf, issued December 1985.

1992 DEP support letter for CCMP

1992 EPA approval letter for CCMP

Interesting correspondence on definition of the boundary of Buzzards Bay and its watershed.
700 kb pdf file, Graphics degraded to allow smaller file size.

Origins of the Buzzards Bay Citizen Monitoring Programs (45 kb PDF file).
The Buzzards Bay NEP worked with the Westport River Watershed Alliance and the Buzzards Bay Coalition to establish the first citizen-based water quality monitoring programs in Buzzards Bay. This proposal to Mass Environmental Trust laid out the strategy. Unfortunately, the Trust was only able to fund the Westport River monitoring component, and additional funds were not awarded by EPA. However, because the bay-wide monitoring program was viewed as a worthy goal, the Buzzards Bay NEP Management Committee agreed to fund the baywide monitoring effort and Town Watch program in the spring of 1991.

The Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case (1993) -12 kb PDF.
This letter (the first of nine pieces of correspondence by the Buzzards Bay NEP), and a wetlands appeal by the Buzzards Bay NEP, eventually led to a series of actions that resulted in a developer of a residential subdivision agreeing to redelineate the wetlands on a 90+ acre subdivision. It turned out that 60+ acres of wetland were overlooked in the original wetland permit filing with the Town of Mattapoisett, and under an agreement with DEP, fill was removed from wetlands.

A 1994 update on the Mattapoisett Holly Woods Road Subdivision Case with graphics -119 kb PDF.
A good summary of a dramatic series of actions.

Correspondence at start of BBP involvement with Town of Falmouth Bogs (1996) -12 kb PDF.

1997 Buzzards Bay MOU
1997 Memorandum of Understanding between the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program, The Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee

2005 updated Buzzards Bay MOU
In the Spring of 2005, during their respective board meetings, both The Buzzards Bay Coalition, and the Buzzards Bay Action Committee adopted this update of the 1997 MOU.

Reports are interspersed throughout our website. On this page we list some older gray literature reports and references that might otherwise be hard to come by, or not linked on our other pages.

First newsletter of the Buzzards Bay Project (870kb pdf, issued December 1985.

1987 NEP designation Application (3.9 MB pdf).

January 1988 NEP joint state-federal designation announcement (3.9 MB pdf).

Costa, J. E., B. L. Howes, A. Giblin, and I. Valiela. 1992. Monitoring Nitrogen and indicators of nitrogen to support management action in Buzzards Bay, p. 497-529. In McKenzie et al.(eds) Ecological Indicators, Elsevier, London

In J. E. Costa [ed. ], Living Resources of Buzzards Bay: Synthesis reports produced for the 1991 Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan, 2013 Redux, Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program Technical Report, Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management, October 18, 2013. 98 pp.
Giblin, A., and K. Foreman. 1990. The Habitats of Buzzards Bay.
Grice, F. 1990. The Buzzards Bay Lobster Resource and Fishery.
Grice, F. 1990. The Buzzards Bay Shellfish Resource and Fishery.
Grice, F. 1990. The Finfish Resources of Buzzards Bay.
Payne, P. M., C. Coogan, F. Wenzel, M. A. Buehler, and A. L. Hankin. 1991. Status and Assessment of the Marine Mammal and Marine Turtle Species of Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts: An Historical and Present Overview
Poole. A. 1990. Waterbirds of Buzzards Bay.

Germano, F. 1992. The history of shellfish bacterial closures in Buzzards Bay 1900 to 1992.

Buzzards Bay NEP 1997 Biennial Report

1997 big picture overview of BBP funding and organization

2000 Bilge Sock Report. (357 kb pdf).

2000 Hix Bridge Tidal Restriction Report. (1.3 MB pdf).

2003 noteworthy West Falmouth tidal restriction correspondence.

2009 Regional Open Space Plan (9.6 MB pdf). DEP 1986 Water Quality Report for Buzzards Bay (3.3 MB pdf).

Report 89-19: DEP Buzzards Bay Research Bacteriological Data Report (2.4 MB pdf).

Report 88-07: Identification and collection of historical data for Buzzards Bay Massachusetts (4.7 MB pdf).

Report 89-12: Sample bylaws and Regulations (3.2 MB pdf).

Report 89-17: USGS Current Observations in Buzzards Bay: 1982-86 (5.0 MB pdf).

Report 88-08: Water Quality Data Assessment for Buzzards Bay (2.6 MB pdf).

Buzzards-Bay-1975-77-PartB-Wastewater-Discharge-Data.pdf (0.6 MB pdf).

Buzzards-Bay-Outer-New-Bedford-Harbor-Special-Water-Qualit-Study1980.pdf (0.5 MB pdf).

Report 89-11: Technical Resource Manual, A reference for Buzzards Bay Communities (1.9 MB pdf).

1977 Massachusetts coastal lobster fishery statistics.pdf (440kb)

1978 Massachusetts coastal lobster fishery statistics technical series no 14.pdf (660 kb)

1979 Massachusetts coastal lobster fishery statistics technical series no15.pdf (493 kb)

1981 Massachusetts lobster fishery statistics 1981.pdf (433 kb)

1989 land use changes Buzzards Bay area 1951 1984.pdf (1.3 MB)

Acushnet estuary pcbs data managment final report 1983.pdf (6.8 MB)

bacterial water quality survey east branch westport river 1987.pdf (2.4 MB)

bacterialogical monitoring buttermilk bay.pdf (4.3 MB)

bbp 89 11 technical resource manual.pdf (1.6 MB)

bbp88-09_identification_collection_historical_data_buzzards_bay_interview_sheets.pdf (8.6 MB)

Buzzards Bay bibliography reference scientific technica reports 1985.pdf (3.8 MB)

Buzzards Bay caged mussel pilot biomonitoring study 1987-1988.pdf (3.4 MB)

Buzzards Bay cranberry bog study.pdf

Buzzards Bay project federal consistency report 1991.pdf

Buzzards Bay sediment data report 1985 1986.pdf

Buzzards Bay wastewater discharge water quality survey part c 1975.pdf

Buzzards Bay water quality data part a 1975.pdf

Buzzards Bay water quality managment plan 1976 part d.pdf

Buzzards Bay water quality survey data 1986.pdf

determination flushing rates hydrographic features selected Buzzards Bay embayments 1991.pdf (1.5 MB)

diagnostic feasibility study management buttonwood pond new bedford ma 1988.pdf (9.4 MB)

distribution abundance american lobster homarus americanus larvae new england 1974 79.pdf (4.9 MB)

effects power generation living marine resources cape cod canal.pdf (2.6 MB)

evironmental assessment polychlorinated biphenyls near new bedford municipal landfill.pdf (1.4 MB)

fine grained sediment industrial waste distrib new bedford 76.pdf (5.0 MB)

improving local government through better interboard communication 1990.pdf (190 kb)

installation evaluation permeable pavement walden pond state reservation 1986.pdf (2.9 MB)

metal concentrations macrobenthos new bedford harbor evaluation.pdf (2.4 MB)

nonpoint source management plan watershed phinneys harbor bourne masschusetts 1989.pdf (4.1 MB)

nonpoint source managment plan watershed snell creek westport Massachusetts 1989.pdf (5.2 MB)

nutrients eutrophication harmful algal blooms buzzards bay.pdf (1999 report 1.6 MB)

occurrence salmonella vibrio parahaemolyticus new bedford area Buzzards Bay 1979.pdf (3.0 MB)

passive retreat mass coastal upland due relative sea level rise 1987.pdf (2.3 MB)


ratios edible tissue whole body pcb concentrations flounder lobster new bedford harbor 1987.pdf (2.5 MB)

relationship suspended sediment bacteria east westport river 1986.pdf (5.4 MB)

sample bylaws regulations bbp 89 12.pdf (2.7 MB)

sea level rise implications action plan buzzards bay.pdf (2.0 MB)

seasonal study plankton larval fish water quality Buzzards Bay 1989.pdf (2.3 MB)

study marine resources westport river 1968.pdf

survival transport enteric bacteria viruses nearshore mar env 87.pdf

town Dartmouth buttonwood brook watershed draft management plan.pdf

wastewater treatment facilities new bedford exec summ eis.pdf


massachusetts coastal resources.pdf

This work was supported by a grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency, Buzzards Bay Project:
Valiela, I. & Costa, J. E.. 1988. Eutrophication of Buttermilk Bay, a Cape Cod coastal embayment: Concentrations of nutrients and watershed nutrient budgets. Environmental Management 12: 539-553.

Local Historical Accounts and Municipal Histories of Interest

Colonial Times on Buzzards Bay (Bliss, 1888) 7 MB pdf

Mattapoisett and Old Rochester, Massachusetts (Leonard, 1908; Town Histories) 25 MB pdf

Rochester Official Bicentennial Record (Bryant et al., 1879) 6 MB pdf

History of Philip’s War, (Indian war of 1675-76; Church 1716/Drake, 1827) 68 MB pdf

50th Anniversary of Mattapoisett (Tilden, 1908) 4.3 MB pdf

Certain Comeovers Vol I (Crapo, 1912; SE Mass family and town histories) 98 MB pdf

USGS Map of Buzzards Bay sediments and sediment types.

Cornell University’s Atlas of Precipitation Extremes for the Northeastern United States and Canada (5 MB pdf file).