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Wetland Restoration Projects
WANTED: Corporate, Government, and Private Sponsors


The Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program is documenting altered, filled, or impaired salt and freshwater wetland sites in the Buzzards Bay watershed that are worthy of restoration. Also, additional sites have been identified during our work to provide technical assistance to Buzzards Bay municipalities.

Read about potential salt marsh restoration sites in our Atlas of Tidally Restricted Salt Marshes in Buzzards Bay.

Read about potential filled wetlands (mostly freshwater) restoration sites in our Selected Inventory of Potential Wetland Restoration Sites in the Buzzards Bay Watershed Phase I: Southern Area Atlas.

Many of these wetland restoration projects are golden opportunities for public-private partnerships. The restoration of these sites will benefit the public and environment. Restoration activities will enable corporations, private organizations, and funding agencies to partner toward common goals.

To stimulate some of these activities, the BBP will soon finalize the Atlas of Tidal Restrictions in Buzzards Bay. With the release of the Atlas, the Buzzards Bay NEP will also provide seed money to the communities to develop engineering designs or pay for material costs in restoring these sites. Below are some projects that we wish to highlight.

Old Fairhaven Drive-In Theater on Bridge St.
The Fairhaven Drive-In was built in a wet meadow during the 1950s. After it was abandoned in the early 1980s, wetland plants began breaking through the old asphalt, attempting to recolonizing the site. The site also has become a trash dumping ground. We are proposing to remove the asphalt and fill and create a wetland, pond and nature trail in an urban setting. Click on the link for the details.

BBP proposal to restore wetlands at old Fairhaven Drive-In Theater on Bridge St.