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Weweantic River Subwatershed Land Use and Nitrogen Loading

What is on this page

On this page we present summary statistics of land use in the Weweantic River subwatershed, (using Massachusetts Estuaries Project coefficients) prepared by the Buzzards Bay National Estuary Program. We also include, where available, other estimates of loading, as well as links to any current and historical reports on pollution in the watershed issued by the state, federal government, DEP, the Massachusetts Estuaries Project, non-profits, and independent scientists.


Watershed delineations


Embayment watershed Land Use and N Loading Stats

New Bedford Harbor
Slocums River
Wareham River

Nitrogen Loading and Land Use Spreadsheets

Summary Charts

Sewering and Wastewater Facility Discharges


Embayment area, bathymetry, and tidal range


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